5 Simple Strategies to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter brings cold temperatures, snow, and a plethora of worries for homeowners in Nashville. Freezing temperatures often cause breakdowns and mishaps with fixtures in the home. This leaves the entire family at a disadvantage and the need for expensive repairs at hand. If you take the time to prepare your home for the winter, reducing some of the worries is simple. Star with the five strategies below to begin the winterization process.

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1.    Add Draft Guards: Draft guards help prevent drafts from coming inside the home and keep warm heat inside. The inexpensive guards create a more comfortable environment as they improve energy-efficiency.

2.    Put Hoses Away: Go outside and remove all garden hoses from outside spigots. Wrap the spigots in insulation. This prevents the pipes from freezing and potentially bursting.

3.    Inspect the House: Walk around the interior of the house, inspecting for damages. Cracked caulking and other problems that seem insignificant actually cause considerable worry because they can allow cold air to come inside the home. Make repairs as necessary.

4.    Tree Trimming: The risk of a tree falling onto the home increases during the winter when snow and ice weigh heavily on the branches, often for extended time periods. Call a professional to trim trees away from home before winter arrives to safeguard our family.

5.    Insulate the Home: An uninsulated home is an energy-guzzler. It is also preventable with the help of insulation. Installing insulation around the home, in the basement and attic, is inexpensive and keeps temperatures comfortable in your home.

Although many of the tasks needed to prepare a home for winter are simple DIY jobs, some things may be best handled by a handyman nashville tn. They bring the tools, equipment, and expertise to the job and often stand behind their work with warranties.