Hay Spear That Does So Much More

For thousands of years, the spear has long been established as a tool for hunting but also as a weapon for conquest or defense. Centuries after the dawn of mankind, farming techniques evolved as communities grew larger, some even going as far as establishing themselves as the first nations. To this end, enterprising landowners built a specially equipped spear, not for the purposes of hunting, nor for killing.

But to work with, to toil and lift, on the farm. And to this day, the hay spear has remained one of the primary tools in the hardy farmer’s armory. No barnyard enterprise is complete without it. Today too, having to cater for growing numbers of people across the globe in terms of providing them with their food baskets, industrial-oriented farmers have developed their tools to perform a multitude of mechanical functions so as to keep up with the growing demand for fresh produce.

double bale hay spear

The double bale hay spear is one such mechanical operation. It can be operated fairly sustainably, powered by battery or diesel fuel. The farming innovation stretches still further. The double bale hay spear is hooked up to that other important tool in the farmer’s workshop, the three-wheeled or heavy industry tractor, weighing several tons more. Seasonal laborers and their supervisors may initially have found such innovations intimidating in the sense that the farming enterprise has become less labor intensive.

But the enterprising farmer who wants to grow his business still further will see further opportunities for both him and his loyal labor force. He is able to manage the farming business more efficiently whilst the laborers, now fully trained to operate new mechanical devices, can go on to perform more responsible tasks with far less supervision.